Thoughts about Singing + Vulnerability

Music is something we all love. I mean, does anyone actually claim they don’t enjoy it? Yet for most of us there’s nothing more vulnerable than personally participating in song. I get that there are some people who won’t try anything unless they’re sure they will be perfect at it the first time. But why is it so hard for most of us to overcome our insecurities surrounding performance?

We have started addressing this phenomena around the studio with the phrase “Don’t be afraid to music fail” meaning, don’t be afraid to make musical mistakes in front of each other. It’s even easier to "music fail" than it is to "sing fail” in front of someone. In terms of music, I've never had a more necessary experience than failing at it in front of people. Without some fail moments our confidence would never have an opportunity to grow. We would never dare to suck until we push through to something we're really proud of.

So be vulnerable, sing in front of someone (maybe for the first time). Be willing to sound awful and give yourself some grace even if other people don't. Besides.. Adele didn’t sound like a record the first time she opened her mouth either.