Thinking about trees again

Most of the Great Escapes album was inspired by the great outdoors and the writings of conservationist John Muir. In his journals he wrote:

“It has been said that trees are imperfect men, and seem to bemoan their imprisonment rooted in the ground. But they never seem so to me. I never saw a discontented tree.

Every camp of men or beast all dwell in a house of one room – the world with the starry firmament for its roof”

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about perceptions that we have of each other vs what is true. A lot of us feel trapped where we are, unable to uproot and start again. Some of us need other people to rely on but aren’t quite sure how. This music is about all the things that unite us together. There is no “them” only “us” and we’re all living this life together, under a starry roof we call our home.

– Dan