Why did we record an album in 432Hz?


Have you ever heard something so outrageous that it rings true? For me that thing is the 432Hz conspiracy. If you have no idea what I am talking about just google "432Hz" and read some of the info that pops up. 

The idea is this.. that at some point A=440Hz was decided on as the standard tuning frequency. There is much debate as to when or who decided on this but the concern is that it has dissonant resonance unlike 432Hz and 528Hz which are harmonic tunings. For a nerdy science experiment using these frequencies on water watch this video:


The thing is, your body is at least 60% water at any given time and all of matter is theoretically just energy held together by vibration (everything is sound). I'm not positive that there is any truth to these theories but we thought it would be a lost opportunity not to try it out.

We toured through 13 National Parks for two months gathering samples of nature for this album. Nearly all the percussion and ambient sounds are from boulders, hiking footsteps, fallen redwood trees and tones pulled out of canyon winds. It took a lot of extra time to tune all of these songs to 432Hz but we are excited about the results.

The album is titled 'Everything Is Sound' and it releases on March 30, 2018. You can preorder your copy now at this link:


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