Why you should get outside (from the perspective of a former house cat)

I grew up mostly on a campground in East Tennessee. Everything there was outdoor oriented and I guess I always took it for granted. I remember trying to spend time inside because I loved watching movies more than hiking and swimming. As we grew older adventure started to take president over everything else. Music became the vehicle to travel full time and life was good, but with the windowless indoor life of musicianship came a big void. For years I didn't know what was missing, what felt off about always driving in vans and playing music inside venues, churches and houses. Not until a visit to the Grand Tetons that changed my whole perspective.

Some friends and I spent 3 days on the shore of the Jackson Lake just soaking up the view. Sitting at the base of these mountains felt revolutionary to the soul. It was like that place forced every stressful thought to leave; every concern was hundreds of miles away. In that moment nothing mattered more than the present and the undesired factors of every day life ceased to exist. 

"Mountains are not Stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals." Anatoli Boukreev (Author of The Climb)

We are living organisms made of dirt, not chemicals and concrete. Somewhere along the way we seem to have forgotten that immersing ourselves in a natural setting isn’t just good for us but necessary. That reconnection isn’t only inspiring but integral to healing. In fact, just walking barefoot outside has been proven to have subtle benefits to your health. Over the last couple of years I’ve found so much healing and musical inspiration in the great outdoors and specifically in the National Parks. I believe these untouched shrines are rightly dubbed “America’s best idea” and where unfathomable amounts of inspiration can be found. No matter how great your urge to stay inside, consider an afternoon at a nearby park, a weekend camping trip or even just a lunch break under a tree and your soul will thank you!

I leave you with “This Mountain is My Chapel” written on the shore of Jackson Lake at the base of the Tetons. (Link Below)

- Dan